• Who has seen the Dark Knight?

    I saw it the other day and it was quite possibly the best movie I have ever seen. Heath Ledger was amazing.
  • I was in to it last week. Best ever seen? Not really. Best Batman movie? Definitely. Heath Ledger took the Joker back to his roots somewhat with his portrayal.

    Still, I think they could have done more with Harvey Dent/ Two Face to maybe use him as a villain in the third movie (and you know there will be one considering the money this is making). Also, I have to say that Bale using his "Batman voice" with people that know who it is is kinda stupid.

    Have to wonder who the main villain will be in the next film- Nolan is trying to avoid using some of the characters that were in the past films. Maybe Harley Quinn or Clay Face?
  • My little sister said she was watching some behind the scenes thing and they said the next villan will be the riddler
  • we sawit on Tuesday and it is now indeed one of my favourite films ever!!!

    Heath Ledger was amazing - Very twisted performance and if he doesnt get that oscar i will be very upset

    Roll on Lego Batman :D
  • I have seen it twice already. Ledger will definitly get an award for this. Unbelieveable. Best Joker yet!

  • I saw it on opening day, and I have to say I was amazed. Not only with Heath Ledger, but I was pretty surprised with Aaron Eckhart. I kind of expected Ledger's performance to be good, but I was really surprised about the Two Face performance.

    The only problem I had with watching the movie was that we got there right as the last preview had finished and the last two seats together that were available were behind a balcony so I had to spend most of the movie on the edge of my seat so that I could see the whole entire screen.

    Hands down the greatest part of the movie though: Wanna see the pencil trick?:)
  • This was my favorite movie of the year, so far - it was even better than I was expecting it to be. Heath Ledger should definitely get an Oscar nod - I'd love to see him and Robert Downey, Jr. up against each other for Best Supporting Actor!

    Oh, and as for the next villain, the latest rumor was that Johnny Depp was going to play the Riddler, but Depp just denied it in a recent interview.
  • MasterofTerasKasi said:
    Oh, and as for the next villain, the latest rumor was that Johnny Depp was going to play the Riddler, but Depp just denied it in a recent interview.

    Good. Last thing I would want to see is Johnny Depp playing the Riddler.

    My guess (based on the plot so far) is that the next villain should be Poison Ivy because of the *ahem* death of a certain girl.;)
  • its been thrown round about Harley Quinn - not sure if this is in her own movie or in the next batman
  • I like Harley, but I don't know if she could really carry an entire film, or even just be a "main" villain - she's really more of a sidekick.
  • I like Harley as well, but she's very reliant on having a main villain to tag along with.

    I remember reading before the Dark Knight came out that Harley was going to make an appearance as Harleen Quinzel to talk about the Joker's mental state....but that never happened.

    If they combine Poison Ivy and Harley Quinn, that might work. It'd be a nice reminiscence of the cartoons.:)
  • Have read this week that christoper nolan doeant want to make a 3rd film becuase he cant work with heath ledger again

    WHat a waste of talent..... RIP Heath!
  • That's lame.

    I read last night that they were talking about bringing someone else in to play the Joker.:o
  • They can't bring in a new guy to play the joker after that performance. He was amazing.
  • yea they cant bring the joker back now that Heath is dead, but it would be cool have a reference to him the the next move (if there will be one). Just something small like a news paper report, that there has been murders in New York or somewhere were all the victims had there mouths cut/widened.

    you know just to tie up the loose end "what happened to the joker?"

    just been finking that in the next one there should be a seen in a grave yard were the shot is taken with a grave stone to the right that is out of focus. and the batman like meeting someone or something then the focus changes to the grave when the other person comes onto the screen so that you dont know who the person is (passably the villains alternate persona), and when the focus changes to the grave in the foreground it says "dedicated to Heath Leger" of something like that.