Stuck at end of Spryo the New Beginning
  • Hi, I'm pathetic and I need help. I'm out on a limb as it were. I and my 8 year old daughter can't figure out where to go at the very end of Spryo the new Beginning for PS2. We are in the weird dream world place where you jump from platform to platform trying to reach the bad dragon. We've gone all across the platform to the last set of platforms. We can see across to the place where we need to go and can see the bad dragon flying around in circles but we can't figure out how to get over there. There is a red planet behind us and when we first jump over to the platform to the right a bunch of rocks come flying past and go to where the bad dragon is. Can anyone tell me how to get over there? Thanks, Kelly.:o
  • Right, so you've reached the highest platform (the large platform high up), correct...? From there you'll need to glide just to the right of where you can see Cynder flying about and land on the platforms there. Jump down, past the Jellyfish and then go up the many small platforms ahead. Keep going up this straight path, past the Jellyfish and over many, many gaps. When you get to another Jellyfish, jump on top and then use the platforms directly after it to go to the left and to jump onto the final platform where you can see Cynder.

    For some visual guidance, check this out: Sypro- Last level video

    Good luck Kelly.:)
  • Yeah!!!!! That was exactly what I needed. The video totally helped. Thanks. I've been stuck there for a week! I'm going to run home and tell my 8 year old.

    Kelly:D :D