• Just bought a PSP off ebay...and everytime i turn it on, it says "Sony Computer Entertainment" then jumps to a screen thats red with wavy lines...it sits there a moment then turns itself off.....

    any help is appreciated!
  • Sorry to say, ITK, but you got ripped off. I have a feeling the previous owner likely messed up the system (maybe mucking around with homebrew) and decided to palm it off on some unsuspecting person like yourself.

    Your only options are to either contact the seller about possibly getting your money back (or go through eBay itself to file a complaint) or contact Sony's tech department regarding getting it repaired/ replaced. It is things like this happening that make me say do not buy gaming hardware on eBay without doing plenty of research first.
  • After installing system update 6.20 (PSP 1000/2000/3000) to my PSP-2001 my games are not showing though it is in the memory stick at the same place as before, rest all features are working, after update some new options are also there. I have not changed any other setting. Please give me solution as soon as possible.
  • Vishal, if these games are ones that were purchased through the PlayStation Store you can re-download them through your purchase history there.