End of an era....
  • We (chris and I ) have said good bye to our PS2. We traded all the games, console and bits on to get some money towards our christmas purchase of a PS3. Very sad to see it go - but it has only been switched on recently to play Buzz as the Wii has become dominant what with Mario Kart!

    But fear not playstation true believers - for I have bought myself today a PSP - Chris has had one for ages but i have got one today of my very very own!!!
  • I understand the Wii thing perfectly, BUT it is throw away gaming............but i do enjoy it.

    The PS3 has been nothing but brilliant for me, as i have the 60GB version, i have a built in PS2 so don't miss that at all.

    You will be pleased with the purchase when made, i promise.

    Lets face iot, you l;ive less than 2 miles away so you can come and beat me up if i'm wrong!!
  • lol!!

    My dad has a Ps3 - so chris has been going round there to get his PS3 kicks - we have however kept our retro psone - for all the retro games the PS3 wont play!!
  • :o You had to go and mention Christmas didnt you, Jane?? I just returned from a well deserved vacation and spent a ton of money. I dont even wanna think about X-mas yet. Anyways, sorry you had to get rid of the PS2. No worries though. Once you get that PS3, the remorse will settle.

  • Jane N STAFF said:
    we have however kept our retro psone - for all the retro games the PS3 wont play!!

    Actually the PS3 will play all retro games including PS2 and PS1. You can also download PS1 games from the store onto your PS3 and PSP.

    Congrats on your decision to ultimately get a PS3, as it won't be long before PS2 is getting lackluster support (No yearly sports game updates, all mini-game or classic game collections, bargain bin games). Update us when you have us so we can add you as a friend.
  • Chris is usually a bit loathe to sell off the older systems, if I remember correctly- never hurts to keep it around as a backup. Also, there are a number of PSOne games that won't work quite right with the software emulation used in the UK PS3s.

    I want to see you people on Everybody's Golf: World Tour/ Hot Shots Golf: Out of Bounds- seeing as the UK and North America use the same servers for it we could have ourselves a nice little tourney.