Re: Lego Star Wars 2 Red Bricks help
  • I have ALL the red bricks but 3 :( ,if anyone knws were the ones from:rebel attack,betrayal over besbin,and/or falcon flight,olease send me a message telling me were they r
    thanks in advance, lsw2freak
  • Rebel Attack: In the final area, before you blow up the death star, go to the far right corner and fly right behind the wall to find the Power Brick tucked in an alcove.

    Falcon Flight: In the first area, before you destroy the last cannon, fly to the right behind the furthest Star Destroyer. The Power Brick is located just behind its tail section. Fly by it to pick it up.

    Betrayal Over Bespin: Go left at the crossroads and fight to the end of the hall. Turn right to go outside and find the Slave 1 sitting there. Jump on top of it, and double-jump from its tip straight up to the Power Brick.