Rapala Pro fishing underwater camera
  • Hi, Please help! We have Rapala Pro fishing tournament ps2 game. My husba nd is on Sacramento River trying to catch striped bass and the underwater camera has crashed. It happened last weekend and when he casts, the camera shot changes to underwater where the lure lands ( as it should) but it no longer follows the lure to the boat. It just stays where the lure landed originally and you can move it around sort of. I'm at Mille Lac trying to catch muskies and this is now happening to me. As you know it is hard enough to catch some of the fish as it is without being able to see what you are doing underwater. I have tried to contact Reliable Servers as suggested in the instruction book for rappala but they have not got back to me. Please help as we have had so much fun trying to out fish each other.
    Thanks so much
  • Unfortunately there may not be much that can be done- this "crash" may be a glitch in the game code itself that was missed during testing. There just isn't enough information out there about the game to make any sort of determination.
  • You should keep on trying to get hold of, and get an answer from, the guys you've been contacting from the manual. They should get their act together and help you out in the end- even if it does mean you trying to get hold of them for quite a while...;) Only other thing other than that, would be to exchange your copy for another copy at the place of purchase. This of course depends if you still have the receipt and how long ago you brought it.

    Buying a brand new copy may also allow you to avoid the glitch if you and your Husband are really that hooked on the game.