Pilot Down Behind Enemy Lines walkthrough
  • Hi,

    I have searched for hours and cannot find a walkthrough. I am stuck at the place where the objectives are: Negotiate the town and head to the river; Find a way out to the rooftops.

    I have killed all the guards and am unable to get through a set of padlocked gates. I can climb ladders onto the roof so this objective is ticked but cannot find a way off the roof other than back down the same ladders. There must be a way off the roof that gets you the other side of the padlocked gates.

    Any help or directions to a walkthrough would be appreciated thanks.
  • There's a reason for there being no walkthroughs out there- from what I have found this game is rather craptastic and no one has been bothered to write one.

    I wish i could help you out but, to be honest, this is the first I have heard of this game as it wasn't released in North America.