PS2 online connection not established
  • Am having PS2 slim version and a Dlink DSL-2540T router i want 2 connect online through PS2 to play online games,for that i started to play PES winning XI 2007.I entered the network game mode and then i selected add settings and setup the parameters to auto ,saved the connection and on checking connection it was tested successfully.But when i tried to connect online the game Hangs on DNAS Verifying screen.I changed the game and inserted Socaom Navy Seal and the same case happened .I have read many thread and articles regarding to PS2 connection issues and problems and only thing i noticed that i need to do port forwarding ,ok i have done it also doing dmz setting in router but nothing happened and the same case of Game hanging on DNAS occurred.What is the solution .
    My Lan IP is i enabled the DMZ and entered PS2 IP as and also i included this IP address in LAN Clients section also, is this ok or something still missing ,kindly help me regarding this trouble.
  • There are two reasons for the games to hang on the DNAS- either the games are copies (which I am hoping they aren't) or the online portion of the game is shut down (the most likely option).