linking up 2 ps2's?
  • hi please can u help me with a step by step guide to set up 2 ps2 slim lines with 2 tv.s. and what cables and routers do i need to buy ?
    hope u can help ???

    thx bud
  • Ermm, Ok, so you want both of the console's to be set-up individually with either one of the TV's...? This is done in the normal way, John. The cables you'll need are included in the packaging of each one of the PS2 Slimline's. You will need the power cable and the component cable for each. The power cable goes from the PS2 into the socket and the component cable is what links up the PS2 and the TV- plug the cable into your PS2 and then link up the yellow, white and red links with the corresponding colours in the slots in your TV. Do this for each PS2 with either one of your 2 TV's- simple. It actually tells you how to do all of this in the PS2's manual, if you get stuck.;)

    And you are looking for a router so you want to go online with your PS2's, correct. You'll just need a standard router- a Linksys 'G' router would be your best option and obviously an existing network where the PS2's will be located. Link the PS2 Slimline's via the Ethernet cable with the router (you won't need a network adaptor as you have Slimline PS2's) and you should be good to go. All that needs to be done regarding getting your PS2's online would be the network set-up. Instructions are given when you attempt to connect on the console/s.
  • hey mate

    thx for the fast prety stupid whenit comes to this.
    no we are having a playstation night with 4 mates and we have 2 ps 2 consoles, we just want to play each other together, dont want to connect to the web.

    do i need a router for this ? or a hub ?
    i have to 2 consoles connected in thee 2 tvs and have 2 games but what links the 2 consoles together ? and how do i create the link ? or how does the other join the linnk ?
    thx for the help buzzie

    nice one.
  • Oh you're looking to connect via LAN. If the game supports LAN play then you will need to buy a PS2 Crossover cable. This goes from PS2 to PS2 and should allow you to play the game over a LAN.

    There is a way to do this via a hub or a router, but the PS2 Crossover cable will be by far the easiest (and cheapest) way to do it. It's worth bearing in mind however that neither may work; plenty of people have problems with either method (disconnecting issues etc) so keep this in mind before shelling out any amount of money for a cable.
  • hey rob, thanks for the help buddie.
    i will try this and check what happens.
    what do u recon is the chances of this working ?
    do i need a game for each console ? and where on the console do i go to to connect to the lan conection ? do i need to create a specific conection or does it pick up automaticaly ?
    also how do i connect the crossover cable ?

  • The older "fat" PS2 had an iLink port on the front (Sony's name for the firewire). This eventually got removed as gamers and game makers weren't making much use of it.Now, you connect the consoles for LA you would need to use a crossover ethernet cable and connect to the jacks on the back of the system.

    For LAN play you work you do need to have a disc of the game in each system. You will need to check thegame documentation t see if i does support LAN play- if it doesn't say this it likely will not work.