• :redface: Im getting a error code 80710B23 You have been signed out of PLAYSTATION NETWORK. But i go to Internet Connection test and it says i have obtain my ip address and my internet connection has succeeded then when it gets down to Playstation network it says failed. i have a hp laptop i just bought with vista and internet with ALLTEL i am using a cell phone as a modem with usb which connecting my comp to ps3 with a cross over cable. I called Sony and they told me maybe change my TCB and UCP ports which i have no clue to do . So i called HP and they told me that i don't have TCB and UCP ports on laptop. So i have no clue what to do plz help. So i went to my uncle house and hooked up the same phone and same cable using the same Ps3 and it signed in and work fine. Only thing i did was enable internet sharing and that was it. And my uncle lives next door.
  • LowGun, it is possible your home doesn't get as much of a mobile broadband signal as your uncle's place next door (might be something in your home interfering a bit).

    To be honest, however, I would say look into an alternate ISP if possible, maybe using cable or DSL. The PS3 really doesn't work very well with mobile broadband. If you aren't locked into a contract with Alltel it may be something to consider.