• Hey people. How do i connect my ps3 to my computer to transfer files without using a wireless connection or any drive..
  • WithOUT wireless or an external drive? Always have to do things the hard way, don't you? :rolleyes:

    While I'm not absolutely sure this would work, you could try connecting the two together via ethernet cable, turn on the file sharing on the PC and then use the media sharing on the PS3 to hopefully find the right folders.
  • Yes lyn, i'm a complicated guy, btw... Wheres file sharing, is it on wmp 11
  • It's in the Control PaneL It would be easier to transfer the files you want to the PS3 with an inexpensive thumb drive, to be honest.
  • What is it under... They arent in expensive, down here they are R200
  • In Vista you make the changes by going into the Networking and Sharing Center. Having been away from XP for some time now I'd have to look up the file sharing for it.

    Another way to do this (and likely easier) is to use a free service like Tversity. This is a program that runs on the computer and lets you access the shared files on your PS3. I've linked their site to let you read up about it and get the download.
  • Would i be able to use a USB cable to connect my PS3 to my PC
  • I doubt the PS3 would recognize the computer connected that way but you could give it a shot.