Vehicle Crane Mission
  • I am trying to finish the emergency vehicle crane mission. I have delivered every vehicle needed except the Rhino. I have had every amount of stars and stayed alive for periods of time 5 and 6 (FBI and Army). Still I have never found a Rhino, or even know what it likes like for that matter. Can anyone give me a good idea on the best method of obtaining the Rhino emergency vehicle?
  • The rhino is the tank dude (the big green thing that comes after you when you get 6 stars ;))

    Once you complete the final main mission (Rescue Maria at the dam in Shoreside), the tank located at the army surplus place in Staunton (opposite all the big Rockstar Billboards / Stadium on the coast) will become available.

    You can then nick it and complete the emergency vehicle side mission (after which you will have both access to a tank in Portland at the docks and the army surplus place in Staunton).


    You can always try to jack one when on 6 stars - but chances are those army boys with their M-16's will cut you in half before you open the door. Getting one this way takes as much luck as it does skill.

    You can always try though

  • Man I feel dumb. I have had a tank in my garage the whole time (I got "lucky" stealing one). I just never looked at the name getting in it, I just assumed it was tank. Now that I think about it the name Rhino is very fitting for the tank and I should have caught on. Thanx for the reality check Gid.