Need help with Shrek 3
  • I am at the point in the game where I am Sleeping Beauty and I can't get across the wide hole in the ground to continue, I keep falling down into the hole and have to make my way back up again, is there a way to get across it?
  • You are supposed to float down this hole, if it's the one I'm thinking of. There is a mug to collect at the far right side as well as a switch to hit at the bottom to free the geek from a locker. head to the right from here.
  • Here's a walkthrough for that whole level; makes it easier for you to solve the part where you're stuck (it begins at the start of the level in the prison):

    Break everything in the cell then use your Fairy Dust Attack on the prisoner. Before you go straight ahead, go right and take out the crates for a tiara. Fight the prisoners in the prison cell then take that path that goes straight ahead. Fight your way onwards. Once you're outside, you will fight trees and prisoners. There's no real difference, so just fight onwards. It's a linear path anyways. Up ahead is the first real puzzle of the game. Stomp on the center one, then stomp on the left one twice. All three are yellow diamonds and the gate is open. Beat up the guard and press on. Destroy that wooden thing at the end for another tiara, then go into the cell on the right and float down the hole. Break the barrel at the bottom for a mug and then go all the way to the back for another mug. Then go forwards up the stairs and fight onwards. Break the barrel next to the column in the room with foot columns for another tiara. Keep going. Up ahead is a room with gaps that Sleeping Beauty can float down and platforms with coins on it. Just fall down and try and float near the top right of the hole so that you can get the mug. At the bottom, stomp on the switch and hit the locker to free the geek. Then head right and go down the path. You can jump down again in case you missed the mug. There's also a coloring page too in the bottom left. Otherwise, jump across the platforms and through the gate. The wooden thing to the left of the gate holds another mug. Up ahead is another boss battle of sorts. Only Strong Attacks work on him, so use them. Destroy the crates for more goodies, including the last tiara. Get the key, then go back to the locked door which had a silver mug behind it.
  • I have done that, the only way that I can go is to the right but it's just a long winding hallway that brings me right back up to the top of the room with the gaps again. I can't get across it and I didn't see any platforms on my way down unless you mean the sewer pipes.
  • There must be some kind of platform/s there that could get you to the other side of the hole and to the gate. You could try the sewer pipes, i couldn't tell you for sure but that might work...?