help i cant get past worms forts under siege level final assalt
  • i can get past the yello but wen i get in a good place to kill green thay kill me
  • This is all i could find to help you, mrcoolman. Does this help you at all in any shape or form...?:

    Destroy the stronghold using RHINOS, and go for a Citadel. Put the Trojan Donkey between the Stronghold and the citadel HELEN ISN'T ON! By the way, that TNT isn't that strong, she's far away from it, and she will most probably survive if they explode, just don't hit HER. Be careful all the time that your chain to the fourth star isn't destroyed, and at the fourth star, be sure to build a castle. The Trojan Donkey, will just damage the Stronghold A LOT, but won't destroy it. You have to finish the job using well-aimed Chili con Carnages and Miniguns. Just destroy it! By the way, the "the Stronghold is gone so I'll explode too" explosion from the citadel Helen's standing on isn't big enough to set off the TNT.