• i no this a old question but how do i get playstation online play? like do i need tho buy something or what? thanx for answer
  • First off, red, you need to have broadband internet (either cable or DSL) access. If you are still on dial up, look into an upgrade.

    If you do have this, you are part way there. You have a choice at this point- go the cheapskate route and switch the ethernet cable back and forth between the computer and PS3 to get one or the other online. If this sounds like a pain to you (and trust me, it is a pain), your other option is to buy a router to share the internet access. You can connect to the router either via ethernet cable or wirelessly- my personal choice is wired for reliability.

    When buying a router, if planning on connecting wirelessly do NOT buy one that uses 802.11 N wireless. These have not been working properly with the PS3, mainly to the tech still being in the draft stages. Save some cash and get one that uses 802.11 G instead. I suggest one from the D-Link or Linksys brands.
  • My router and ps3 came with a cable for each one. So it isnt a pain for me
  • the pain is the computer is in another room so should i buy a router?
  • yes, general, a router would be just the thing. Just keep in mind the suggestions I made above regarding type and brand.