• To all the addicts... Hey people how do i pass the mission just business on gta sa
  • Which part of the mission are you stuck on, shaddow...?
  • When im on the bike
  • To take out the enemies quickly aim for either their tires or the windows- they can easily damage the bike so you need to get them out of the way ASAP. Ignore the tow truck that comes up behind you after the first turn- you can't damage it. Concentrate on the other enemies.

    At the roadblack either shoot the gas tanks of the vehicles or the enemies themselves- Smoke will head for the aqueduct. Eventually the tow truck will make another appearance in front of you, dropping cars- Smoke will avoid these and this will actually help get some of the other pursuers off your tail. Just keep shooting at the bikes and cars, ignoring the tow truck. Smoke will soon drive over a truck ramp and a big explosion gets triggered.

    You'll be told to shoot out a sewer grate to keep going- you'll still be chased by several groups on bikes. Shoot nearby gas tanks to take them out. Eventually you'll be dropped off and Smoke will get rid of the bike.