Which Are Some Good Ones?
  • ok guys,
    i havnt played that many ps2 games, and have only bought FFX, Simpsons Road Rage and Worms Blast.
    What are some good games around on the market that i could rent out?
    I like driving, adventure and puzzles, any games really, so i need some ideas on how good some games are?
    i also have a little sister, which games entertain little kids long enough these days?
    thanks ya'll for any help!
    :D :D
  • For a little kid i suggest Jak and Daxter for the massive 3D platofrm game. Also try Parappa Rappa 2.
    for you...hmm:

    1)Guilty Gear X - fighter
    2)Samckdown: Just Bring it - Wrestling
    3)Spiderman - action/puzzle/action...did i mention ACTION!!

    -Theyre pretty good in my opinion.
  • Two really good driving games are Gran Turismo 3 (no surprise there) and Stuntman. My daughter (6) loved Stuntman as you can set up your own ramps and such. I generally don't rent or buy too many games but those two are hits for sure.
  • Well, my little sister loves Platform and RPGs(by liking i mean likes watching me play them) and some of her favs are Spyro and anything FF. She actually plays them herself now bu for some reason i found myself beating Mary Kate and Ashley for her......short game, only took me 4 hours to beat but then again it was a child's game but anyway this is off topic....Hmmmm, I would recommend as Rex mentioned def. GT3.......I'd recommend GTA3 but i wouldn't recommend playing that around the little sis....as well as Devil May Cry, Ico(great adventure title but a little short...possible renter), Metal Gear Solid II(who can't stand a good stealth action title), and Jak and Daxter as Gene mentioned is great for everyone. Let's see, there's Grandia II and Jade Cacoon 2 to give you some RPGing to hold you off for releases of the big ones(email or pm if you want a list of those). Then there's Midnight Club Racing, Test Drive, and as mentioned above, GT3 for your racing. This is my short list on titles to get but i can give you other titles if you'd like those also. Just a small taste of upcoming PS2 titles that you'll want to look into: .hack(RPG - Bandai), Xenosaga(RPG - Namco Hometek), Spyro: Return of the Dragonfly(Platform - Konami), Kingdom Hearts(Action RPG - Square/Disney), Grand Theft Auto: Vice City(Action Adventure Driver - Rockstar), Devil May Cry 2(Action - Capcom), and many many many many more titles to come(full list of games to get available upon request). Well, i hope that you enjoy posting and have fun gaming.
  • thanx guys,
    ne one else know some games too?
    i will be sure to try some of them out.
    While i am here, i didnt wanna start a new post coz i have 2 already, but does ne one know any good racing games where u can smash into walls etc and ur car gets totally wrecked and u can drive a smashed up car??
    ne informations A.S.A.P would be great!
    :lol: :D :lol:
  • Ok, you're going to want to look into Burnout. The basis of this game is more along of a chase title but the crashes in this are just to die for and the realistic damage factor makes for a very nice addition. There are probably other titles out there and if so then othwer members will answer but this is the only title that i can currently think of. Well, i hope that you enjoy posting and have fun gaming.
  • Two more that I'd like to suggest are:

    ATV Offroad Fury

    Gauntlet: Dark Legacy

    Of course, ad madhtr pointed out, the SPYRO series is also a good choice as well.
  • Grand Theft Auto 3 shows car damage, you can drive with no doors, the car starts smoking once it takes enough damage, but if it catches on fire you have about 3 seconds to get out and run before the car explodes. one of my favorite parts of GTA3. and there are dozens of cars to choose from, though some are harder to find.