cure for vampirism?
  • i cant find the cure for vampirism. i gave the lady all the things she asked for but she wouldnt take my bloodgrass i keep trying but it wont work. do i need to be a full vampire to get the cure. i cant sleep to level up because the next time i wake up ill be a full vampire and im not sure if it can be cured then please help me out
  • You do have to be a Vampire to undertake the quest. You've run into a, quite common, glitch in this quest. Problems with Melisande not accepting the Bloodgrass has happened to many people and, apparently, it happens on the GoTY Edition Oblivion discs. It's recommended that you complete the quest on an original Oblivion disk, if you have a GoTY Edition disk you can still do this with an original Oblivion disk as long as, in your save, you haven't entered or touched anything from the Shivering Isles.

    Official word from Bethesda, is that the way around the glitch is to give Melisande the ingredients in the order she lists them. I'm not too sure if this would work...?

    If you have a save before you became a vampire, that would of course help a lot. You would be able to load that up and prevent yourself from even becoming a Full Vampire with a simple Mandrake Root or Cure Disease Potion, for example.
  • Hello. I seem to have the same issue with Melisande not accepting the bloodgrass. She accepted all the items and told me to leave for a bit while she made the potion. But then when I returned, the quest log says that I must return the blade with the Argonian blood to her. Except I did that... and everything else! I have over 200 hours invested in this game. I don't have a previous save either. I would guess that I must give up this game and start all over????????