Gran Turismo Concept
  • ok, arrrrrgh, im about to chuck the controller out the window.
    wat is with the gran turismo concept turning?
    i mean, every time u are goin fast and go round a corner you spin out and go round in a circle, it wastes a lot of precious time.
    never played a gran turismo game b4, so i don't really know if its something you have to get the gist of it.
    :angry: any help would be great, i havnt gotten anywhere! :angry:
  • Most (fast) cars will spin out if you speed around a corner. GT is a 'real driving simulator', the game uses real-life physics so unlike your average arcade racer you can't expect to speed up to a corner, slam on the brakes, and drift around the corner with full control.

    It'll take some experimentation and a lot of practice, but you'll get the hang of it eventually. I havn't played GT Concept yet, but i'm sure someone else will be able to give you a more detailed solution.
  • GT Concept is a cut down version for GT3 but with different cars (mostly)

    there are 3 different options for driver aids
    1) active stability and traction control - for beginners
    2) traction control - for intermediate drivers
    3) no driver aids - for experts

    you get to pick these at the start of each race.

    you can also tune the car to suit your handling needs but the default isnt bad

    however i would lower the car ride high a bit, stiffen the springs by a couple of kg, put the dampers up to about 7 or 8 and then but the brake controller upt to 19 on the front and max on the rear.

    this gives a little more response and control.

    the spinning out can be reduced by attempting to brake in a straight line before the corner, controlling your throttle thru the corner and if necessary applying a little opposite lock steering to pull your thru.

    opposite lock is where you turn the steering the opposite direction to the way you would expect to do in a corner. however it should only be used once you are past the apex for the corner (tightest point) and feel the tail of the car drifting away from you.

    once you master this then GT concept is a breeze.

    my special tip is to do the Midfield Raceway II races first - because once you win the pro race you get the Skyline GT-R Concept car and nothing in its class can stick with it - even in Ace level

    you can open Ace level by pressing down on the L1 and R1 buttons which at the level choice screen