The Mummy Returns Help
  • How do I get through the first Imhotep level. What do I do?:confused:
  • Which exact part are you stuck at in the level...?
  • Right after I find 4 Canopic Jars I can't figure out where to go.
  • After picking up the Canopic Jar for "Resurrect" and obtaining the offering Anubis, head back to the room with the stairwell and go right through the door. Keep going until you get to an open room with stairs. Go down and perform "Resurrect" to the Sabre-toothed skeleton with the offering inside it. Kill it and take Offering Horus. Head back up the stairs and go right and up these stairs. Follow through until you get to the first doorway and enter it. Keep going until you get to the main stairwell and go up to the second floor. Go through the door and kill those inferior guards and turn right. Enter in here and kill the Medjai and get the Offering Ankh. Exit this room and head right and then through the door at the end that leads to a large open area. Head up the stairs and kill the Medjai. On this level is Offering Eye. Once it is in your possession head back to the start of the level.

    Stand before the statues and take out an offering. A cross will appear on one of the four bowls. Go up to it and hold the action button down. After the cut scene you get an item. Do this for all four statues and then you will be attacked by Ardeth Bay and a hoard of the Medjai. Instead of battling them, run over to the Warrior Mummies and perform "Resurrect".