• In the credits it says Hideo Kojima - Voice of god but there's nothing like that in the game and also i heard
    in 6 months from the games release at a certain time something is going
    to happen in the game does anyone know if these 2 things are related in anyway.
  • Hideo Kojima as 'the Voice of God' is just one of his little jokes, Ganon. It's not referring to anything except from that Hideo has a sense of humour...kind of...;)

    The 2 things are not related (i don't think), but there is a rumour that in 6 months from the game's release (December 12th), something will trigger in-game which will allow MGS4 owners to see the true-ending of Snake. Apparently he will die (his last day on Earth?), and you will see this in the form of a bonus cutscene/ extra material that will be unlocked at that time. As for it's viability i'm not sure. Myself, i think it's just a load of BULLS**T, but believe what you want. It is MGS and Hideo Kojima we're talking about, i suppose. You'll just have to wait and see until December 12th.
  • I want to ask that can you really get raidens sword by typing Ibelieveeverythingiread into the pasword screen?