god of war 1 (amphitrite temple)
  • hi, i'm playing god of war 1 and i'm stuck in a large room half fulled with water and a stachyou of Amphitrite.....is says that she will watch over the cursed room for ever and only she knows the way out.

  • I'm having a bit of trouble placing what level this is- can you recall the actual name?
  • I'm 5 hours & 56 mins into the game ( amphitrite's temple ). i entered the room under water and a door shut behind me. when you surface, at the botom of the screen there is a leaver and one chest to the right and left, then the pool of water (where i came from) to the right and left of the pool are 3 small water falls across from the pool is a large statue with book in front on it (it reads) Amphitiite, poseidon's faitful wife, will forever watch over this cursed room. Only she knowa the secret way out.

    p.s. When you activate the leaver 3 plateforms sureface over the pool to make a temperairy brige.

    i hope this help cos i ve been stuck in that room for a month
  • Once you read of the secret way out jump back down and pull the lever again. Head underwater at this point. If you swim to the bottom of the last platform you will find a secret elevator out of the room. As a bit of a tip, her finger is pointing right at it. ;)
  • your a legend......thank you for your time. Michael