Help .. Add-on dosn't Add !!
  • plz help me...
    i own Guitar hero 3 and call of duty 4
    i bought all the add on pack for guitar hero and it want add them to my list in the game menu.. not in career mode and also not in cuick play.
    in call of dut i bought the variety map pack and also it want add the maps to the game... PLZ help me !
  • Firstly, have you made sure you've installed them from the PS3 XMB Menu...? When installed they should be under the downloaded songs tab. Click on the tab and then press one of the coloured buttons (blue, yellow or red i'm not sure?) to make them show.

    As for the CoD4 Map Pack, have you installed that...? And you may not even know you have it in-game until you get put in a game with one of the new maps. When you go into a party does it say that you haven't got the add-on (at the bottom in red writing...?).
  • for the guitar hero Q - yes, i installed them and there's nothing under the download tab .
    and for COD4 - i tried to host a online game and use the new maps i bougt.. but nothing there either..

    does it have any connection for my region ??? i'm from israel..
  • Ok, what version are your games and which store did you buy the add-ons? The add-ons are region specific - the ones in the UK store will only work on the games marketed to the UK, for example.
  • ohhh.. i ordered the games from uk .
    can i switch the region in playstation store ? if so how ?
  • To access the UK store you would need to set up another user on the PS3 then sign that user up to the PlayStation Network using an other e-mail address and a street address based out of the UK. The quickest way to find yourself an address there would be to hit up Google Maps and browse the UK- just pick one at random (I have one that resides next to the Prime Minister :p ).

    Only thing is, you most likely will not be able to buy any of the add-ons from the store- they will only accept a credit card that has been issued in the UK. I have seen other people saying they have bought from other stores using Entropay virtual credit card numbers- this may be your only option until they can get the PlayStation Store cards available worldwide.
  • .. TNX .. i will probebly wait ...