Lego Star Wars Episode IV Chapter 5?
  • Lego Star Wars The Complete Saga Episode IV Chapter 5 on the ps3. I think that is all correct. However, I have saved the princess, gone down the garbage shoot, made my way threw the tunnels, and now I am trying to free my ship.

    Things I have done:
    made all red tiles turn flashing red with a green outline (infront of ship)
    freed c3po and r2d2 (middle right side)
    found a cup (back left side)
    got a car with r2d2 (back left side)
    (front right side with r2d2, i forgot what it did)
    (top front left side 3po, forgot what it did)

    Things I haven't done:
    (top right side you need a boutny hunter, i don't have one)
    (Middle right side top there is a lever to pull, but how do I get up there?)

    I have 3/4 red dots to turn green. How do I get my ship?:confused:
  • Ok, I think i found the bit you may have missed doing. There should be a blue device along the front wall that you can shove- push it to the right as much as you can and it will eventually explode. The pieces from this can be assembled into a grapple point. This will let you up to a lever that raises up the falcon (as well as unleashes a wave of stormtroopers).