No *Optical* Audio in EA Games
  • Hey guys I was hoping someone could help me with my current audio woes. I have Triton AX360 headphones for my PS3. I have the playstation options set to optical output and the audio works fine on all games except EA games. Unfortunately this includes Madden 2008, FIFA 2008, and about half the games I own. I tried calling EA and they took the typical, though unexpected way out, they blamed someone else. In this case my router's firewall. It doesn't make any sense to me that my audio wouldn't work because of my internet firewall.... but the firewall on the router can't be disabled anyway. I've been able to find a lot of other posts about people having similar problems with optical audio on EA games but I haven't been able to find any solutions yet. Anyone able to help?

  • I ran into that problem last fall when I was checking out the demo for Burnout: Paradise as well as Tiger Woods 08. I checked with EA (like you did) and they were about as much help as asking the dog (who would just look like he was saying "are you giving me a treat or what?". :rolleyes:

    Turns out the solution was somewhat simple- go to the Audio Settings of the PS3 and uncheck the "DTS 5.1 Ch." box. I did that, went back in and I had audio via the optical cable for the EA games.
  • My god you were right......... that was so special it deserves its own short bus...... the only way to get EA's 5.1 DTS sound to work is to disable 5.1 DTS sound..............? *Shakes head*