• Is there any wheel other than The GTForce that works with GT3?

    And Does anybody know if the Official Jordan Grand Prix II wheel works on any PS2 games?

  • if you have a media pla (you know the last letter of the name) and i've seen many types on ps2 wheels.I hope this helps
  • There are other wheels that work, but I wouldnt recomend any of them. I have used a few different wheels and the Logitek GTForce is the way to go.
  • Could you please translate what mikey said?
  • if you have a media play near you go there and ask a worker where there wheels are and will show you tons on ps1,ps2,and pc wheel's that you can buy

    P.s.the reason i said media pla you know the last letter is beacouse i dont wount do get in trouble for advertising.