here we go again...CoD4 probs.
  • Ive not played cod4 for a while so i thought i would give my trigger finger some hammer,and what do i get when i get on there the host has ended the game :mad: AGAIN and AGAIN and.....AGAIN :mad:
    what the hell is going off :confused: every game i play half way through the host has ended,now i dont belive that every game the host has ended so something is wrong AGAIN and really getting on my nerves,anyone else getting this problem??????
  • No i dont get this problem it must be a bit of bad luck. Go on the game again tomrro and see if it happens again. I hate it when the host ends the game he/she cant take it beacuse his team is lossing, i hope the host dosent end any of your games again.
  • been on again tonight and the same thing was happening,but not alot of people seem'ed to have that much of good signal so wether that has something to do with it i dont no.
    i didnt seem to have any problems while i was playing old skool free for all it was fine idea.
  • i havent a clue them
  • the only thing i can think of but wouldnt happen that many times is if connected to an ausie or south african as dosent work to well from UK. Youve been unlucky with cod4 since its release but endwar coming soon so hopefully better luck with that one.
  • theres no doubt about that sam that ive had prob's since it came out,i just hope things improve im really getting back into it now....not sure about end war.
  • same here hardore mode though its so much better i got hooked on rainbowsix lv2 recentley but full of winey american kids (no offense) i missed the graphics aswell forgot how good they where.