• I am trying to get Harry out of the locked Owlery after helping Collin get the Weasley boxes in the empty owl nest and am stuck. Collin says to get to the top window because Filch is coming and when I do, I can't get out. I've been trying and retrying forever but am stuck! Help!!!
  • After Colin shouts up to tell you that Filch is coming, run all the way upstairs to the rafters and the door at the top will be open. Go through and use Reparo on the broken ledge then use it to climb out of the window. From the window ledge move left and Harry will climb onto another stone ridge. Use this to climb down to a lower ledge then sidle left to find another ridge. Use this one to reach a lower ledge then move all the way to the left of this ledge. Use yet another ridge to reach a lower ledge.

    Follow that ledge all the way to the left then use the ridge there to get to another ledge further down. From that ledge move right to another ridge then down to another ledge and then head right past the window you used to get into the Owelry. Continue just past that window onto the ridge to the right of it and climb to the upper ledge. Move to the right on that ledge and at the end you will finally find the ridge needed to climb all the way to the bottom.