• I rented Silent Hill 2 Yesterday and played it last night. All I can say is..... :o Very Scary!
    But I am at the Hotel you go in and I jumped to the second hotel and I just went threw the cut sceen where I find that one on the ground in a room with a knife in her hands. Then she puts the knife on the table and runs off. So I have the knife and also I have to coins. The gold prisoner one and a silver old man one. I dont know what to do know. I can find any where else to go and it wont let me go out of the gates to the streets. Can someone help please.

    EDIT- I figured out what to do and i got to the Pyramid monster. I beat him (well he just kind of wateled away) but I used up alot of ammo and health packs. I was wondering can you just run around until he goes away or do you have to shoot him like 20 times or something?
  • Just run around and he will eventually leave but if you shoot him he will get slower.
  • Yeah, but with limited ammo i would highly recommend just worrying about dodging his attacks until the horn sounds and that's when he'll turn around and leave....Just make sure not to follow him too closely or he'll slice you in half. Well, i hope that you enjoy posting and have fun gaming.