• I need help On Hdd..
    i want to Know how Can i Connect External HDD with my PS2..
    I have PS2 Slim..
    And If Yes Then What i have 2 do..
    I try Swapmagic and USB Extreme but no luck..
    My PS2 have no Modechip....
  • If you are planning on copying your games to the drive you won't be getting any help here. It's against the user agreement of the games to make copies of any sort.

    We at Absolute PlayStation are completely against this sort of thing- use the discs as they were intended to.
  • ok...
    Can u plz Help me Abt How i can Convert DVD Movies For PS2 to play it...???
  • Again, that sort of thing falls under what I said above. I suggest having a read of our Guidelines thread in the Announcements area.