jabbas palace in lego star wars
  • my son is going through jabbas palace & got just past the room where r2d2 & c3po are on raised platforms & he uses the force to free them. then each of them have to hit their side to open the door. then the next room has high ledges where he uses the force to build a bridge across. theres a space on the other side that he cant jump across. how does he get to the other side?? and any other things we are missing there? thanks for the help. we just got the game so I dont know the ch.'s or episodes..... sorry. but he just had his tonsils out, cant do much & really wants to get past this
  • Once you have Luke use the force on the crate tops to make the first part of the bridge take your party onto it. Destroy the lego cones to make more bricks, which can be used for another portion of the bridge- just use the force to put them in place. Now, from the corner platform, have R2-D2 hover to the left and use the Astromech Droid Lock to move a bridge over the gap for the others to cross. Blast the cones on the other side and use the blocks from this to build another astromech lock, which will open the exit with a bit of coaxing from R2-D2.
  • Thank you SOOOOO much - I'll give it a try
  • I got a little problem here. In Jabba's Palace, I got to the room where R2D2 & C3PO are on raised platforms. I use Luke to get them down but I can't open the door with each one of them. When I used R2D2 nothing happen and with C3PO the button on the panel are off. What I am missing?
  • You'll have to clarify a bit more as to where you are talking about, hpietri. Is this the same area I helped with just above or after that?