• Hello, I have a little problem in a game called daxter on the PSP grey new version.

    62% into the game in a mission called "prison", I am at a spawn point where you can see the number "3". These are number which indicates the group of cells inside the prison, when you spawn here you will see the number ruight in front of you on a wall. The problem is that I checked all the cells, but not all at one life I have spawned several times to check out a new cell. What I am wondering about is how I move further on into the mission from that room.

    Thank you for have a such service availeble.
    I hope you can help, because I really need it right now.
  • wait for a guard to go by and then drop down behind him, making sure not to follow too closely. The idea is to not get spotted.

    You should eventually find a yellow key- grab it and duck into the open cell to your right. You'll find an open air duct to crawl into and move on.