Making Sims 2 Better
  • Hi. I'm new. SO I don't know if this was answered already, but I see Sims 2 videos with babies and stuff, and I wanna know if the sims2 on PS2 can be added to like the PC version. And if so, how?:confused:
  • Sorry but there are no add-ons for the console version of the game. What comes on the disc is it.
  • Dang! that sucks!
    Ok like will SIms3 come out on PS2 or only PS3? And will Sims3 come with all that stuff since they already have the going outside aspect, will the baby etc. aspect be part of the core game or will that have to be added on too?
  • It hasn't even been announced yet if Sims 3 will be even on the PS3 (or any other console, for that matter). Until something official is said it would only be guesswork at this point. That being said, i could see the series moving on to the PS3 as the PS2 is getting down to its last couple of years in the "10 year cycle" Sony has planned. That's just personal opinion, however., so don't take it as fact.
  • At the moment Sims 3 is still a working title and it's only been announced for the PC so far. If it does make the jump to consoles it's likely you'll see it on just the PS3 (not the PS2) in 2009.

    Not a lot has been announced about it's gameplay features as of yet. What has been revealed is: New explore seamless, living neighbourhoods, New create a Sim feature, New more realistic personalities, New customization options and new gameplay features.
  • kay. Thanks alot. I'll look out for that. I'm still bummed about the baby thing though lol.