help with this code oddworld oddysee
  • this is a game shark code but it wont work

    i've tried many times plz help

    Invincibility 80082186 0001

    if someone has working plz tell me how?
  • 28 views and no one?
  • To be honest i couldnt tell you. You have the right code there and i'm assuming the gameshark is fine, so i'm baffled on this one. You may just have to give it a miss.
  • i'm sure i got it right

    the proof is the 99 escapes code is working fine
  • It is possible the code itself is bogus- did you get it from our site?
  • no but all sites are posting the same code

    and i didnt mixed up the versions with each other
  • is that all you can say about it?

    can any good hacker check this for me?
  • It's nothing new for some sites to just grab a code without checking to see if it even does work.

    I tried checking things out over at GameShark's official site but they don't even list original PlayStation codes any more.
  • should i give up or what ?
  • To be honest, yes. Chances are the code is bogus.