Possible Hardware Problem
  • Hi,

    My girlfriend just recently bought her father a PSone and the video is choppy when the gameshark is plugged in, but when it isn't plugged in it works fine...

    Any ideas what may be causing this??

  • This would be the Gameshark. It's made by Interact which i'm sure you're well aware of who's a third-party peripheral producer for all systems. Gameshark's are one of the most popular of their products but being 3rd party makes it very unreliable and problems due occur sometimes with playback. In this case it happens to be the graphical layout of the games that suffer. It also may be a game imcompatibility which you can test by checking to see if this happens with other games. If it does then you will want to exchange Gamesharks at the store you bought it as this doesn't happen with all of them. Make sure to get the Gameshark CDX as it's the newest models available and you'll get the best compatibility and game quality this way. If you have any other questions then feel free to ask and I or one of the other great members will find you an accurate and speedy answer. Well, i hope that you enjoy posting and have fun gaming.