• I need some help in sims castaway.I want to know how to increase machanism and logic.In this game i am a singer.
  • pretty obvious things here, actualy. Boost the mechanical skillset by doing things like building/ repairing shelters or doing some crafting on craft benches. Logic can be had by spear fishing as well as finding hieroglyphics and statues.

    Fixed your title, btw- last i checked Bart wasn't in this one. ;)
  • Thanks Dude,You r the master.U r gr8.
    :D ;)
  • I have another problem.I don't know how to creat a radio and i don't know how to do the other 3 options under it?
  • To build the radio get the radio from the plane in Airplane Jungle and the transmitter from the other plane in South River Jungle. Take the radio out of your inventory, set it down and turn it on. Now scroll up the radio menu a bit and you should see "repair transmitter". Task complete. B)