• ok i tried this Q at the general gaming area, but no one wrote back to me, so i thought i will try here.
    Does anyone think there will be some good quality colourful puzzle genre games out for PS2?
    Gamecube has MonkeyBall 2 comming out or something similar to that name.
    It would be great to have some of these games on PS2 coz i enjoy them, and i am getting jelous of the Gamecube for having them!
    So anyone could fill me in if there are gonna be any bright colourful puzzle genre games out, or even some nice party ones like Mario Party, id like to hear it!
    Thanx guys!
  • There's no doubt in my mind that GC has some of the best puzzle games - particularly the bright and colourful ones - Nintendo are known for making 'kiddy' games (although the more mature Nintendo fans won't admit it).
    A couple of PS2 games that come to mind are Fantavision, Aqua Aqua, and Super Bust-A-Move. While I havn't played any of them, Bust-A-Move is a classic B)
    I'm not too sure about upcoming games as i'm not a big fan on the genre, but for a party game you might wanna check out Klonoa Beach Volleyball.

    Here's a few links to API reviews:
    Aqua Aqua
  • Yeah, if only Super Monkey Ball 2 would be on the PS2. I have SMB on my GC and i have wasted many a days away messing with the monkey in the ball. I haven't really seen any plans for many PS2 Puzzle games but i'll let you know when i see some. Well, i hope that you all enjoy posting and have fun gaming.
  • Although there aren't too many available for the PS2, I would reccomend either Bust-A-Move, Q-bert or Bomberman