PS3 Wired issues- AOL
  • I've tried wired connection and it always gets the Ip but fails on the connection. I've tried everything I could think of and friends have tried to help too but it has left me with the only possible explanation, being that mayber AOL is the problem? Is this possible?
  • It is very much possible that is the problem- AOHell never was one for following the normal route, so to speak.

    Are you using a router or doing a direct connection to the modem?
  • Direct Connection. I've pretty much given up on getting PSNetwork for the time being. I'll figure out what I'll do soon.
  • Your easiest solution may be to use a router and have it share the access between the computer and the PS3. It would handle any sort of log on AOL needs as well as let you set up things like a custom IP address for the PS3.
  • Does it matter what numbers I give for the ps3 ip address? I can get a netgear router form a friend but I'm not sure whether netgear's are good anyways.
  • I'm not really a fan of them myself- quite a few of the people that have had problems getting online with the PS3 have been using that brand. Still, it should be good for a wired connection. My personal preference is D-Link.

    The thing is to set an IP address that is within the router's range- normally this goes from to or something like that (it will show in the router settings). As long as the PS3's IP is within the range the router allows you'll be fine.
  • However the PS3 can already locate the ip address so will setting up a new ip for the ps3 make any difference in it connecting?

    I should get my hands on the router in the next few days so I'll update then.
  • If you can get the IP located it may then be a simple matter of adding the correct DNS server IPs to the PS3's setting and not have to bother with the router at all. You will have to contact their tech support to get these if you don't have the info on hand.
  • is it possible that I can just input numbers similar to my IP address for the DNS? Because in the tcp/protocol bit there is no DNS number, it's just blank or do I have to contact my network admin?

    Edit: I've used an openDNS

    still doesn't work.
  • Don't jury rig numbers into the DNS server blanks, it will just mess things up. If necessary, contact AOL and get them to tell you the DNS server IPs they use or check with the network admin.
  • Ok I think I've got a potential address so I'll try that out. It's not rigged either I used a command prompt to find it.
  • OK I used the command prompt dns and that didn't work I then contacted aol and the guy on the phone said he didn't know what a DNS was!? So I'm pretty much stuck without network for a while. Unfortunately I still live with parents, atleast until University next year so it seems I am stuck with aol. Thanks for the help anyways Lyndon.