PS3 wifi connection problem
  • When I have my PS3 scan for my wifi points (I have two SSIDs, b which is the stronger connection always areound 100%, and linksys which is weak and sucks), it finds both of the points, but under the SSID tag, only linksys shows up. B is totally blank but the rest of its information is on the screen. When I click on it, the PS3 asks me to enter its SSID, and when I do, it always fails to locate my IP address. So I have to use linksys.

    Anyone know what the problem is? Is this confusing?
  • I've been using the linksys connection online ever since I've had the PS3, and sometimes it's faithful, but it always seems to lose the connection or sign me out of PSN.
  • Unusual to not see a name under the SSID for the B- it normally should have "default" under there at least. You may want to delve into the B router's settings and make some tweaks so that you can use it, such as setting up a reserved IP address and then put that IP into the router's DMZ. Also, check in there for the SSID name- it should not be nameless. Once you have these things done edit your settings on the PS3 to match up (ip address, dns servers, etc.) and you should be ok.
  • My brother in law set it all up, I'm not very familiar with it. What is a DMZ? How would I set up a reserved IP address? I've manually entered my IP and DNS and whatever numbers in the PS3, didn't do any good.
  • I was able to fix it, works great, just had a MAC address issue. Thanks!
  • can someone help ive been able toplay online but all of a sudden it wont connect ipaddress keeps timing out tryed to re-enter ep ke but o joy please help!!!!!
  • Sounds like the your wi-fi network keeps on dropping. Would it be possible for you to use a wired connection...?