Juiced 2 Aston martin
  • I have had juced2 HIN now for ages and completed it a long time ago, and every section i copleted i was waiting for my aston to show up but now i have completed the whole game, i still haven't got it and it was the main reason i got the game. Any help in finding the aston or how to get it would be appreciated. Many thanks in advance
  • You should be able to unlock the Aston Martin in the HIN- Night Shift Championship.
  • thanks rob i will give it a try, i only just seen the message as i had trouble finding my original post. Doh! hopefully the more i'm on here the better i will get. Thanks again
  • hi, i have won all the championships and still no car, is it possible to win it on the ps2? my mate got it easily on his ps3
  • gonna say i got this game when i got my ps3 you just get it like anyother car it just might not be on ps2 to be honest with you.
  • As far as i can tell, hayljohn, you should be able to unlock it on the PS2...?
  • thanks lads for your help, the car is on the inlay card you get in the game box, but i haven't got it and i have completed the game so i will try to get all the levels up to 100% and let you know how it goes.