• How much has any one been watching of the olympics?

    So far ive seen....


    Team GB have done very well this year!!!
  • I haven't been watching the olympics nonstop, but I have watched a few events. Mostly the Gymnastics and Track and Field.

    I watched the Women's Bars-Uneven last night and was a little annoyed at how the Tiebreaker procedure panned out in favor of He Kexin. Nastia had mostly nines so I think she should have been the recipient.
  • i dont agree with what chine does environmentally or what they do with their military purlkey due to the fact the west is scared of chinas growing military might and economic success they will not commit sanctions or actions against them. For these reasons i have not shown any intrest.
  • Russia are just as powerful and dangerous as China and the west doesn't hold back on sanctioning them when we think they are in the wrong. I think the situation in China is a lot more complicated than 'the west just being scared of them'. Anyhow, everybody is scared of each other these days- with the presence of Nuclear Bombs etc.

    I have been watching the Olympics quite a lot since it began. Highlights so far for me, are the British performances in swimming and cycling. I was also astounded by Usain Bolt (new 100 & 200m WR's) and Michael Phelps (8 Golds). However, i was a little disappointed with Paula Radcliffe in the Marathon, even though she did try her best she just wasn't fit enough. She should have accepted that.:rolleyes:
  • Yes Michael Phelps - the human fish lol!!!!
  • I have watched a bit of the Olympics, mainly events like the beach volleyball and the equestrian as well as some of the rowing competitions. To be honest, I tend to prefer the winter olympics over the summer- the majority of the track and field- type events just do not appeal to me.
  • yeh winter olympics the events are definatley more entertaining to watch and more fun to do them yourself aswell.
    In terms of the comment made by Rob staff - Inactual fact the russian army is a discgrace at the moment in terms of supplys, armour, training and disiplin we would have no problem taking them out in a conventional war with the exception of their very advanced air force. China however has the largest army, largest airforce, one of the most disiplined armys and best equiped. Trust me on this.
  • I watch it too. South africa was a disgrace this year, with only one medal (silver) and 5 medals less than athens. But by 2012, watch out america
  • sod that the british at home are gonna destroy everyone.
  • shaddow said:
    I watch it too. South africa was a disgrace this year, with only one medal (silver) and 5 medals less than athens. But by 2012, watch out america

    Another South African.... !! YAY, heh heh.

    Olimpics was good, quiteenjoyed the weight lifting. Lift 3
  • I watched almost ever event in these games. I am kind of sad they are over.
  • i watched it almost every night. is it true there was advertisement on the London buses bagging us out?

    oh well we still beat you the only country that did better was New Zealand they got a huge amount of medals if you fink about how tini there population is