God Of War II Problems
  • Dear Guys,

    I have had a lot of problems in the past and presently with the PS2 Game "God Of War II". When ever I buy this darned disc and put it into my PS2 it does something unexpected: it goes to the browser menu instead of just loading like my other PS2 games such as "Shadow of The Colossus", "Spiderman 3", "Star War Battlefront II", ect. Instead, it says "The disc couod not be read". This has happened to me whether I have attempted to buy the game used from Amazon.com or new from Stores like Best Buy. Best Buy sent me two, brand new, wrapped games and still I got the browser menu and the message "The disc could not be read". What gives? I'm hardly on the internet ever. So, if anyone could get back to me via email at: [email]Jabbasfrog@gmail.com[/email] I would greatly appreciate the help. On my latest attempt to buy this game from Amazon.com the guy assured me that the game worked on his PS2 but couldn't be certain that it would work on my PS2, given what I've told you I'd told him.:huh:
  • How old is your PS2? I'm wondering if the problem may be the system itself and not the disc. If you can, give the disc a go on a friend's system.