HMDI a No Go - Help my First Sony ever, and I'm Ticked
  • Former Xboxer goes out and buys a PS2 with 5 Blu-Ray Movies and 4 Games and it don't work on HDMI.
    TV is a Toshiba 46" DLP (46HMX85) with HMDI connection (HDCP Compliant). HDMI cable I got worked on buddies Samsung with my PS3. PS3 works on component outputs, but shows blackish screen when TV set to HDMI input from PS3. Does a flicker thing like it wants to recognize the connection when reset.

    Spent hours doing the reset input routine by holding down the power button. Everything is set to automatic, and it seems to recognize a HMDI source on one of the set up screens.

    It also states the source as 480i but the TV is good to1080i. Been through every menu option on the PS3, and read a couple of other suggestions by so called no-it-alls, but no luck.

    Hope some genius can help,
  • Looking at a sheet about that tv I'm wondering if it is in Theater Wide mode, which only uses 480i/480p or 1080i.

    The premium resolution on that set is 720p so i would suggest checking out the modes of the tv itself and also uncheck the 1080i box in the PS3's video output settings.
  • Lyndon:

    Not sure what you mean by checking the modes on the set itself. I have tried configuring in every mode, and it does not make a difference.

    I also don't see anywhere where I can uncheck a box in the PS3's video output settings. All it shows under Video Output Settings is Current Resolution 480i. Pressing X only gets you to choose the type of connection. No choices that I can see.

    Very frustrating, when I play games, the look is very average, and no use even playing the movies I bought.

    Appreciate the help,
  • When it tells you to choose the type of connection, go ahead and choose HDMI again. It will then take you to a screen with the boxes that you can check and uncheck. Tick everything up to and including 720p (remember don't choose 1080i) and continue. You will then be able to save these settings and there you have it, HDMI 720p picture quality...:D