PS3, After new updated machine won't work!
  • Greetings all!

    This is Worfsonofmog

    Last week before I went on vacation, I updated my PS3 to the newest update. After it was done I was not able to play any games or even get to the toolbar. I was told to reset the machine and it should work! I did that and it did work that one time. But as of now it still won't work..... The machine comes on and makes its nomal noises but that is all and the controller will not work with it either........I am at a lose to what to do about this other them take it to the shop!

    You guys have any guesses to what happened?????

    Thank god I have my xbox handy..


  • Best to contact Sony about it, Worf- considering it happened thanks to the update they should be doing the repairs for free.