Crusaders of Might & Magic Please Help...!
  • I tried to use Ur help button, & ended up at Nantendo Wii...? Anyhow, Could someone please tell me how to beat this game...? I've tried eveything I could think of to beat Necros, after awhile he just freezes up but he will not die, and I've tried shooting where the sparks come out of the towers, with Stars and Flaming balls & the machine will not shut down...! One person said there was no way to beat this game ..., I'm begin'n to think they are right...! :bash:

    Thanks *Keeper
  • Once you get to the end bit with the lightning coming out to the middle equip your exploding gems, cast heroism and aim at where the sparks are coming out using the R2 button. Once you see the lightning/ sparks not coming out of the hole move on to the next. Use heal when you have to. After knocking off three of the lightning generators you will have beaten the game.
  • Thank You Kind Friend...! :) I'm going to try to add a full walk through with all the things I have found, As soon as asI can...! :D
  • hi can someone tell me how to find the sceptor from the ogres?
  • You'll come to a pit with a log across it and exploding gems flying
    across I recommend using that dasher nut you picked up to run across
    it. Kill some ogre to find yourself by another pit, you know what to do
    by now. Kill the ogre guarding the cave then enter it. Save and continue
    futher into the cave. You'll see a dasher fighting an ogre. Kill the
    ogre if you choose but be careful. You don't want an angry dasher after
    you through this whole cave. Go left at the crossroads of it. Keep going
    straight whilst killing ugly brutes. You'll come to a MEAN looking ogre
    with a fancy suit of armor and everything. Just freeze/slam him, very