• look my ps3 does not go online i have a wired connection but i restored my ps3 and now it says ip adress suceed internet connetion falied please HELP
  • You will have to re-do the internet settings on the PS3. Are you using a router or just connecting directly to the modem.
  • directly to the modem and how do you re do the internet setting
  • Do just like you did to set up the PS3's settings the first time and change the settings for the PS3's connection. Seeing as you are doing a direct connection you will likely have to contact your ISP's tech support to get the proper DNS server addresses for the PS3's settings. Also, if you switched the ethernet cable from your PC to the PS3 without turning off the modem you may just need to unplug the power on it for a bit and then plug in the modem again.
  • but where do you go to do that which setting
  • At the bottom of the PS3's settings menu, furball- the Network Connection section.
  • how do you do that last part on switching and unplugging the modem and what do you in the network connection what to change
  • Switch the Ethernet cable from your PC to your PS3. Then unplug the modem for a minute or two and plug it back in.

    In the Network connections you'll need to change the DNS Server numbers when you have the correct ones.
  • i already did that it doesn't work what else
  • Put your default router in primary DNS, and for secondary DNS, if that dusent work put in secondary DNS.
    Hope it helps!!!
    Best Of Luck!!!!!
  • i got the ip address i need the internet connection i goin to tell you ths step i take

    1.i turn on ps3
    2.i take out the ethernet cable fro the back of my computer
    3.i unplug the router
    4.then i put the enthernet cable in the back of the computer
    5.then replug the router

    thats it
  • Furball, why not get another bit of ethernet cable and leave both connected at the same time? Kinda defeating the purpose of a router there.

    If you are going to keep doing it this way, unplug the modem as well as the router when doing the switch.
  • then where do i put it duh
  • furball said:
    then where do i put it duh

    Must...resist...temptation... :laugh:

    You leave the computer hooked up to the router via its ethernet cable. Then, connect the PS3 to the router via ethernet to another of the open ports on the back of it.