I'm new and need help
  • I think i should let u guys know something about me huh?
    well i'm a big naruto fan and love 2 play vides games.
    I know it may be 2 soon 2 ask 4 help,But i really need help.
    I keep trying to connect to playstation network on my ps3, but it keeps saying there's a dns error 80710102. Which dns should i use? Oh and it's on a WIRED CONNECTION to my Modem. I'm using rogers. Can anyone help PLEASE?:(
  • ask Lyndon look on threads for him and send him a message if dosent resond to this but he shud do.
  • Welcome JoelSyko !

    Never a bad time to ask for help, enjoy the forum
  • try to connect it with the wireless connection that should help
    by the way i'm N.O.B you can call me nob
    wellcome to the site
  • look underneath your rouer will have long num and pin num dgo one connection turn it to wired connection will probably assk you for the long num and pin type it in press done and should be away. if still no turn of ps3 and router the plug both in again then try.
  • yeah but the wireless is gonna ask you to put the password and then you can go online get it