• have enyone got cheats for wwf smackdown one or tips.
    OR even how to make a powerlul created superstar :blink:
  • Well conor. You get more scret players by going though more
    months in the season mode. And if you want a stronger created wrestler just
    give him the strongest move there is on the list.Some tips or
    you can slide under your oppents legs bye running and pressing
    square. If you need more help just post.
  • Connor,
    if you want to create a charecter that's well versed in all of the four attributes: Powerfull, Roughneck, Speed & Technical, your going to need to boost the number of ability points that you share around the desired attributes ;) . The amount of points given is dependant on what you choose as your charecters personality. The default amount is around 150 but you can boost this to about 225 ;)

    Choose the following charecter traits in the personality menu to increase the amount of ability points:

    Weak knee
    Weak waist
    Weak neck
    Weak waist
    ex soldier or knight.

    If you choose to befriend any of the wrestlers in this menu, it will have a negative effect on your ability points dependant on the wrestler you choose. The negative effect can be -5 or -15.

    I used the above to make a strong charecter using the above attributes but then found SD2 to be less challenging and interesting. I now forget about creating personalities based on accumilating points and just concentrate on creating an interesting charecters and enjoying the game B)
    Lets face it, even normal mode can be a push over. Hard mode is where the challenge is.