• Hi All,

    I am trying to connect my PS3 to the internet. I get this message:

    IP-adress: Succesfull

    Connection: Time out Error 80028E06

    I have tried wireless and with wire, but it's the same respond

    Hope you can help me.... ;-)
  • That error comes when there is a problem with the DNS server IPs. Try using as the primary DNS server and as the Secondary DNS Server. You can also do this change in the router instead if you like. You may have to give the router and the PS3 a restart once you try this to get things working.
  • Thanks..
    I'll give it a try right away. I prefer the router, so i can connect my pc at the same time.
    If I am not sucessful, I will hope for your help again.. ;-)
  • Hi again,

    I have tried the changes you sugested on the router. I have restarted both the router and the ps3 and when I try to connect now, there's an error in finding the ip : it says there's an error in the key info..

    does that mean anything to you?
  • The "key info"? Do you have encryption running on the router? If so you will also need the "key" to let the PS3 through.
  • I have now tried the changes on with the wire and the router, and back to before...I get the same message error 80028E06. The message with the "key info" was probably because the router was restarting. So, still error 80028E06:-(
  • Hi again, After trying different things I still get the same error 80028E06 when I try to connet my ps3 to the internet. Despite the help yesterday, I'm sorry to say I still have the same problem. Can anyone help me with some advice??
  • The problem is that i think you are using WPA-PSK/WPA2 (or something like that) change it to WPA only and it should work.
  • im in a hotel and i cant access there router. im using wireless and i can obtain IP address but i cant get internet connection? is there anything else i can do?