starwars unleashed
    i was looking forward to this and once more im let down,the graphics are just dire the gameplay is a bore,when you use the force theres no difference between things when you pick them up it just all feels the same unlike for example second sight you felt weight in different objects but not in this.
    the opening cutscenes i thought were very good i must admit and i had big hopes for it but it was just not to be.
    But it could be worse i surpose dath vader could pop up in soul caliber :laugh: :laugh: :laugh:
  • ive downloaded the demo but not yet installed it im gonna install it tonight
  • Really? I haven't played the demo yet... guess I need to keep my expectations in check; I thought it looked cool.
  • its utter sh&t a waste of time and effort
  • I gave the demo a play- I wouldn't call it "tripe" by any means but it definitely wasn't as groundbreaking as some made it sound (blame the fanboy hype machine for that). While I thought it was a somewhat fun play it wasn't anything extra special.